Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Counselling and Hypnotherapy​​​
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How can I be sure my issue can be helped by counselling?
Using the links (issues or conditions and counselling therapies) below you can find the most widely known issues that can be addressed through counselling. These also contain a brief explanation of the more familiar modes of therapy available. For more precise information, you can contact me by email or phone and I will be happy to offer specific guidance.

​​​​​​​​​ How does Counselling help?​​
Counselling can help by allowing a person to discuss whatever is affecting their experience of life. A counsellor can help someone investigate this. When a person has suffered for a long time, they often come to the realisation that 'I need to change me, and I need to change me now'. It is at this time that a change becomes possible through counselling.​​​​​​​​ (click Here )
 I have friends, so do I need to talk to a counsellor? 
 Most often no matter how close we are to our friends, there is usually something that is still difficult to talk about, so we keep it secret even from our best friend. A good counsellor should allow you to feel at ease, allowing you have the comfort to talk about anything without fear of judgement or prejudice, empowering you for change.
Therapeutic Sessions

Please allow 50 minutes to an hour for a typical counselling session.
Success can be possible from as few as six sessions, whereas more indepth conditions can take considerably longer.
Therapeutic Modals

There are many different therapeutic modals or modilities,  counsellors have the option to specialise their knowledge to a single modality, and others can offer a more flexible approach they will learn to integrate the modalities.  


My aim is to provide a good service at competitive prices;

Mon-Fri 10am till 5pm £35*
 Evenings 6.30 till 8pm £55*
Weekend rates start from £50*
*per standard session